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Snow Photoshop Overlays

      • Collection Details:

        • 15 unique snow photo overlays
        • JPEG over black and PNG files with transparent backgrounds
        • Works with all versions of Photoshop and Photoshop Elements, Gimp, Affinity Photo, the Free Photoshop Mix app for mobile and any other editing program that allows layers. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE LIGHTROOM.
        • Suitable for photos up to 5000 x 3000px or smaller
        • 300 dpi – high resolution. Excellent for prints
        • Extremely easy to use
        • Instructions included 
        • Note: these are not Photoshop actions or Lightroom Presets.


      • ColorMade overlays work with any editing program that allows layers (Photoshop, PS Elements, Gimp, etc.)

        EASY TO USE:
        1. For PNG’s – Within Photoshop, choose the ‘File’ menu option, then select “Place Embedded…”, then navigate to and choose the desired overlay file. This will import the overlay image with a transparent background.
        2. For JPEG – Import the desired overlay file and then set the overlay layer mode to ‘Screen’. Adjust the overlay layer’s opacity to further refine the overlay. If needed, use the eraser tool or a layer mask with a soft brush to remove the effect where desired. Merge all layers to finalize.
        3. Mix & match overlays for unique results.

      • Raw Images By: Peyton R. Byford, Morgan Olsen

Customer Reviews

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Celeste Ford

In love with these presets! Colormade presets have definitely become one of my favorites. Very affordable & very addicting! I have become a preset hoarder now lol!