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Portraits Workflow - Lightroom/ACR Presets - Desktop & Mobile

  • Post-processing image workflows are often complex and tedious – even for the most seasoned photographer. We’ve designed the ColorMade Portrait Workflow Lightroom preset collection to both simplify and standardize your portrait workflow with the aim of saving you time and maximizing the quality of your edited images. Mix, match, and layer clean edits through a time-tested and standardized process that reflect the latest trends in portrait photography, along with classic corrections known and loved by professionals around the world.

    This themed collection includes 25 signature presets, 5 black & white filters, 22 quick-tool presets & overlay filters, and 21 local adjustment brushes, along with the 114-piece Lensman Toolkit for complete control over your workflow. All ColorMade presets are simple to use and fully adjustable for personalized customization and maximum flexibility.

    This collection is fully compatible with Lightroom mobile for iOS and Android. (DNG presets do not include tool presets)

  • Collection Details:

    1. 25 Color Presets: Brilliant Boost, Clarity Wash, Cool Vibrance, Dramatic Portrait Cool, Dramatic Portrait Warm, Faded Tones, Golden Overlay, In The Studio, Lifted Beauty, Magenta Shade, Olive Tones, Overcast Light, Perfectly Natural, Poppy Colors, Reflecting Pastels, Rich Dynamic Range, Simple & Subtle, Soft Cool Portrait, Soft Warm Portrait, Subtle Push, Sunny Daylight, Vibrant & Airy, Vintage Tones, Warming Highlights, and Window Light
    2. 5 Black & White Presets: Dramatic Sepia, Fresh Balance, Silver Light, Vintage Deep, and Vintage Soft
    3. 34 Quick-Tools & Overlay Filters: Filter Cool, Filter Lavender, Filter, Olive, Filter Peach, Filter Warm, Clarity Soft & Saturated, Clarity Soft, Clarity Strong & Desaturated, Clarity Strong, Color Overall Pop, Color Overall Reduce, Color Skin Warmer, HDR Fade, HDR Heavy, HDR Reverse, Tone Curve Cool Wash, Tone Curve Increased Boost, Tone Curve Magenta Light, Tone Curve Poppy Mids/Highs, Tone Curve Warm Fade, Toning Blacks Deepened, and Toning Whites Brightened
    4. 19 Local Adjustment Brushes (Lightroom 5, 6 or Classic only): Cheeks Rosy, Cheeks Warm, Color Desaturate, Color Saturate, D/B Dodge, D/B Burn, Details Sharpen, Eyes Iris Booster, Eyes Lighten Under Eye, Eyes Whiten, Lips Bright Pink, Lips Golden, Lips Peachy, Lips Soft & Light, Sharpening Brush, Skin Add Drama, Skin Soft & Golden, Skin Soft & Lifted, Skin Soft & Rosy, Skin Softening, and Teeth White & Bright
    5. FREE 114 piece Lensman Toolkit
    6. Compatible with Adobe Lightroom 5-6, Classic, and CC desktop. Adobe Photoshop CS6 or later
    7. This collection is fully compatible with the paid and free versions of Lightroom CC mobile for iOS and Android.
    8. Choose from XMP, LRT, or DNG presets. DNG presets do not include tool presets.
    9. Windows & Mac Supported


  • ColorMade presets work in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. Visit our FAQ for a full list of compatible software.

  • Raw Images By:  Brittany Miller, Aaron Baxter, Shiloh Reed, Melissa Cuskelly, Monica Terry, Morgan Olsen, Julie Jourdan

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Kelly Gomez
Wonderful Presets!

Love this set! So many presets, tools, and brushes to choose from. The results are endless! Couldn't be happier!

Aster Photo
Must Have

I've been hunting for my go-to set of portrait presets for months now and I'm so happy I found these! The presets and tools are exactly what I was looking for!