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Monochrome: Wedding I - Lightroom & ACR Presets

  • Designed specifically for wedding and engagement photography, the Wedding I collection from the ColorMade Monochrome series is a set of twelve exquisite black and white presets designed to take your wedding photography to the next level. Featuring a mix of high quality modern looks and classic film styles, the Monochrome Wedding I presets are guaranteed to wow both you and your clients.

    This collection comes with 27 presets, along with the 168-piece Lensman Toolkit for complete control over your workflow. All ColorMade presets are simple to use and fully adjustable for personalized customization and maximum flexibility.

    This collection is fully compatible with the paid and free versions of Lightroom CC mobile for iOS and Android. (DNG presets do not include tool presets)

    New to ColorMade presets? Learn how to use our collections here.

  • Collection Details:

      • 12 Monochrome palette variations
      • 15 quick-tools for white balance, exposure, shadow/highlights, grain, contrast, and clarity.
      • FREE 168 piece Lensman Toolkit
      • Compatible with Adobe Lightroom 5-6, Classic, and CC desktop. Adobe Photoshop CS6 or later
      • This collection is fully compatible with the paid and free versions of Lightroom CC mobile for iOS and Android.
      • Choose from XMP, LRT, or DNG presets. DNG presets do not include tool presets.
      • Windows & Mac Supported


  • ColorMade presets work in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. Visit our FAQ for a full list of compatible software.

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Customer Reviews

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Monochrome: Wedding I - Lightroom & ACR Presets


Monochrome: Wedding I - Lightroom & ACR Presets

Fantastic B&W

Most B&W presets leave alot to be desired - or you have to tweak them from here to kingdom come. The ColorMade Monochrome presets are rich and beautiful and remind me of film while being truly modern.

LOVING my new presets

I am a wedding photographer and my clients get a lot of photos of their wedding day. Needless to say, I spend quite a bit of time glued to my computer. These presets are so great! I especially like the variations of exposures with each style. It saves me so much time! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!