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DigiFilm | Lumena - Lightroom/ACR Presets - Desktop & Mobile

  • Introducing DigiFilm Lumena - an all new collection of presets inspired by the highly sought after looks of light & airy analog film. Transform your photos into filmy soft goodness with 42 meticulously built presets, preset tools, and Lightroom adjustment brushes. Designed to compliment all styles of photography. 

    This themed collection includes 23 beautifully crafted signature presets, 5 overlay filters, and 14 local adjustment brushes, along with the 114-piece Lensman Toolkit for complete control over your workflow. All Sweetbrier presets are simple to use and fully adjustable for personalized customization and maximum flexibility.

    This collection is fully compatible with Lightroom mobile for iOS and Android. (DNG presets do not include tool presets)

  • Collection Details:

    1. 23 signature presets: Napa Light, Rose Gold, Villa Soft, Silky Straw, Fine Sands, Olive Mist, Earthy Cool, Earthy Warm, Earthy Jade, Cool Water, Canyon Rose, Ruby Wine, Primrose Pink, Crystal Lake, Plum Lift, Coastal Surf, Gentle Wheat,Cherry Bark, Azalea Flower, Forest Light, Subtle Depth, Aged Nostalgia, and Bleached Linen
    2. 5 overlay filters: Warm Light, Cool Air, Petal Soft, Peach Fade, Olive Leaf
    3. 20 local adjustment brushes (Lightroom 5, 6 or Classic only): Color Cooling, Color Warming, Color Pastel, Color Peachy, Softening Glow, Tone Feminine, Tone Masculine, Highlights Boost, Highlights Reduced, Shadows Darken, Shadows Lifting, Shadows Filmy, Saturation Boost, Saturation Reduce
    4. FREE 114 piece Lensman Toolkit
    5. Compatible with Adobe Lightroom 5-6, Classic, and CC desktop. Adobe Photoshop CS6 or later
    6. This collection is fully compatible with the paid and free versions of Lightroom CC mobile for iOS and Android.
    7. Choose from XMP, LRT, or DNG presets. DNG presets do not include tool presets.
    8. Windows & Mac Supported


  • Sweetbrier presets work in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. Visit our FAQ for a full list of compatible software.

  • Raw Images By:  Peyton R. Byford, Brittany Miller, Sasha Gabriel, Evelyn Leigh Photography, Laura Helle, Aaron Baxter, Natalie Gildersleeve, Julie Jourdan

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
William p.
love it

the best

Sarah Lamberth
Amazing Presets

I've been using ColorMade presets for a couple years now, but the Lumena package is by far my favorite. I've been shooting quite a few engagement shoots lately, and these presets add a wonderful finishing touch to my photos. Highly recommend!

Michael P
Totally enhance my editing process

This the 3rd individual presets I bought from color made. I couldn’t recommended them enough if you want to take your images into next level.
I used it into my wedding images and portraiture. It really gives unique looks and end results are absolutely terrific.
The pricing also no brainier. Never disappoint and more likely I would buy more presets as my editing process changes every year.
Thank you

Kristi Medeiros
Staying with the trends

Thank you so much ColorMade Team! These presets help me a lot with my raw images to give my clients that trendy feel with being able to still adjust to my brand of contrast.

Misti Brooks
Versatile & Effective!

This is my second Color Made Labs purchase, and definitely not my last. These sets are amazing. Decreases my editing time, improves my shots, and so much more! Lumens is my new go to set for everything from births, to weddings, to portraits and even landscapes.