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DigiFilm | Portraits - Lightroom & ACR Presets

  • Introducing DigiFilm Portraits - an all-encompassing collections of 88 meticulously crafted presets, preset tools, and Lightroom adjustment brushes, specifically designed for portrait photography and people related imagery. For professionals and amateurs alike, this collection of portraiture-inspired tools is built to maximize creativity to the fullest potential while providing high-quality results and workflow efficiency.

    This themed collection includes 29 beautifully crafted signature presets, 5 overlay filters, 34 quick-tool presets, and 20 local adjustment brushes, along with the 168-piece Lensman Toolkit for complete control over your workflow. All ColorMade presets are simple to use and fully adjustable for personalized customization and maximum flexibility.

    This collection is fully compatible with Lightroom mobile for iOS and Android. (DNG presets do not include tool presets)

    New to ColorMade presets? Learn how to use our collections here.

  • Collection Details:

    1. 29 signature presets: Naturelle Soft, Naturelle Rich, Naturelle Warm, Polished, Perfect Peach, Olive Analog, Mint Sweetener, Rose Sweetener, Fairytale, Wheat Grass, Stonebrier Lite, Stonebrier Deep, Autumn Leaves, Rose Canvas, Warm Skin, Warm Skin Rich, Lotus Petal, Emberglow, Stormy Cool, Stormy Warm, Aged Rose, Afternoon Light, Thorntree, Garden Sage, Brandywine, Magenta Film, Magenta Film Deep, Magenta/Olive Film, Magenta/Olive Film Deep
    2. 5 overlay filters: Warm Filter, Cool Filter, Pastel Filter, Rose Filter, Jade Filter
    3. 34 quick-tools for adjusting white balance, exposure, shadow/highlights, HSL, grain, saturation, contrast, clarity, vignette, and lens correction
    4. 20 local adjustment brushes (Lightroom 5, 6 or Classic only): Color Saturate, Color Desaturate, Dodge, Burn, Vignette Dark, Vignette Light, Eyes Boost Eyelash & Eyebrows, Eyes Pop Iris, Eyes Reduce Dark Circles, Eyes Whiten & Lighten, Lips Shine, Sharpen, Skin Cooling, Skin Warming, Skin Lighten, Skin Soften, Skin Lighten & Soften, Skin Reduce Wrinkles, Skin Soft Blush, Teeth Lighten & Whiten
    5. FREE 168 piece Lensman Toolkit
    6. Compatible with Adobe Lightroom 5-6, Classic, and CC desktop. Adobe Photoshop CS6 or later
    7. This collection is fully compatible with the paid and free versions of Lightroom CC mobile for iOS and Android.
    8. Choose from XMP, LRT, or DNG presets. DNG presets do not include tool presets.
    9. Windows & Mac Supported


  • ColorMade presets work in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. Visit our FAQ for a full list of compatible software.

  • Raw Images By:  Peyton R. Byford, Morgan Olsen, Brittany Miller, Nicole Trejo, Jeff Nguyen

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Autumn Spice

I've not had a chance to actually use them.
But just checking the effect Autumn Spice makes on my pictures when I click on each preset impressed me enough I purchased two more colormade collections.

Great Preset

wonderful presets! they are highly recommended!

Outstanding Presets

Love all the presets. I do a lot events and wedding images. Presets gives out a unique looks on my based editing process. This 3rd pack I purchased from colormade and totally change my workflow. Can’t recommended it enough and it doesn’t break the bank.

Amazin' colors

really love the colors of colormade. I use the presets in ACR & LR.
Nice to tweak for taste and amazing' details!

Amazing collection!

I've bought several ColorMade collections and absolutely love them all! Just like the others, this portrait set is chock-full of presets and tools that are sooo incredibly versatile. I'm absolutely in love with every look within with this collection! Thank you again, ColorMade!!